Ultra Minimal with Maximum Function

After two successful Kickstarter campaigns, we set out to create the smallest & slimmest wallet with maximum function & comfort. Made from super durable Tyvek material and now RFID protected. The Micro Wallet starts paper thin and expands to fit your needs. Designs are limited to Kickstarter, don't miss out sign up now!

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Your Micro Wallet starts out just 0.02 mm thicker than a credit card. Don't worry though, it expands to fit your needs

Up to 8 cards, RFID-secure, plus an additional pocket for bills! The perfect balance between size and functionality

Beautiful new designs by leading artists. Every wallet you order supports a creative artists from around world

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The simple yet ingenious origami design is made from one sheet of Tyvek® smart material. Starting paper-thin and expanding with use to fit your needs and keeping your pockets slim for comfort while holding your out of house essential.


New and exclusive Artist Designs, RFID Protection, Water Resistant, Durable, Expandable & Eco-Friendly.


Our new Card Wallet fits up to eight cards seamlessly with integrated RFID protection, a new Cash compartment and Easy Access side pockets.